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The Founders of Jack Rockwell Coffee love coffee with a passion. That has been the driving force in creating the freshest single serve cup of true American coffee in the world. Introducing The Farquest. The only commercial grade coffee brewing system that goes from bean to cup in seconds. Using a patented formula known as “Crema Coffee”, anyone can now enjoy a French Press style of gourmet coffee at the touch of a button. Our unique patented brewing chamber allows The Farquest to pressure brew every cup, one at a time.
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The founders of Jack Rockwell Coffee have developed a unique patented formula called “Crema Coffee” which is produced through the Farquest. The taste is similar to rich, flavorful American style coffee and to be more precise, many tasters have stated the taste is much like that of French Press Coffee (method) but with one notable difference, a “crema” is present at the top of every cup.

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This simple brewing system produces a single cup of fresh brewed coffee at the touch of a single button, creating a superior fresher cup of coffee as opposed to the industries old, drip pot method. Jack Rockwell’s Farquest will establish its own global customer base. Achieving goals can give great returns in all areas of personal and professional life. Now imagine if those goals could be achieved at the touch of a button. The Farquest is here… Go ahead. Push the button.

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Our intellectual property includes the formula for brewing a new form of North American coffee but taste similar to that of the popular “French Press” which is made in exclusive coffee houses across the US. Jack Rockwell has a patented formula that allows us to brew a fresh cup of coffee in seconds. Our company also has an apparatus patent on our innovative chamber and piston.

Explosive Growth on a Global Scale:

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“According a recent study by Rabobank, emerging markets will reach 50% of the global coffee consumption by the year 2020. It also identifies a global shift from multi-serve to single-serve coffee. Product innovation is driving market shares in gains and gross profit.”

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Benjamin Franklin once said, "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." With the Farquest on your side, you can watch your competitors make excuses. Make their first cup of their day be the one they remember all day. We killed the drip... Bean to cup in seconds.

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