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How does the Farquest work?

The simple answer: Whole beans are ground into a steel chamber, high pressured water is then forced through the chamber extracting coffee from the grounds and a single cup of coffee is produced in seconds.

What does the coffee taste like?

A Farquest coffee is pressure brewed, extracting all the flavor from the bean. The result is a fresh tasting delicious cup of coffee.

Will they pay more for Farquest coffee?

We’ve found that every establishment that has charged more for Farquest coffee has been successful doing so. Consumers want their coffee “Fresh” and are willing to pay for it. In fact, it’s frequent for people to naturally choose the most expensive cup offered simply to experience the flavor and the quality.

Is the investment in the Farquest beneficial to my business?

If coffee is your business and quality is your focus, the Farquest is for you. There are many other reasons to use Farquest. Where should you look for your return on investment?

1. Waste is eliminated when using the Farquest; each cup is prepared to order. Pouring coffee and money down the drain will no longer be an issue in keeping the coffee fresh.

2. Vertically integrated pricing allows you to charge appropriately for your different coffees.

3. Increase whole bean sales by giving people an opportunity to taste your coffees at their best. For many retailers, whole bean sales deliver the highest margins.

4. Selling more whole beans also means cross-selling your home brewing equipment, mugs, and coffee paraphernalia.

Will I need to increase my staff?

Short answer is no. You will not have to add an extra Barista. The Barista takes the order from the customer and selects the desired size of the coffee by hitting the button on the panel. You will not need to increase staff. Coffee houses that are already using the Farquest have not increased the size of their staff.

Should I disconnect my batch brewer?

This depends on you and your establishment. Certain cafes maintain their batch brewers and offer only their premium coffees on the Farquest especially since the wait is no long. Others keep their batch brewers for peak hours while also brewing on a Farquest. Realistically you can discontinue using your old brewing system and use multiple Farquest machines.

Who will service my machine?

We have a service network of Farquest Certified Technicians, or we can certify one of your own technicians.

How do you clean the Farquest?

The Farquest has a semi-automated cleaning process that is intended to run once every few
hours. It can also be run manually by hitting the clean cycle button. The waste bin should be emptied after extended use.

How sanitary is the Farquest?

The brewing chamber is enclosed inside the Farquest and the coffee grounds are disposed of automatically. Farquest also has a self cleaning program which runs automatically on a desired time. With the Farquest there is no need for rags or squeegees. At the end of the day a damp paper towel can be used to wipe down the exterior of the chamber and the waste bin. The grounds can also be recycled.

What parts will require regular service/replacement?

We have a periodic maintenance program for the Farquest that covers all of the regular service components. We also offer extended maintenance programs as well.

What warranty do you offer?

Farquest typically comes with a one year parts, 90 day labor warranty.

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Benjamin Franklin once said, "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." With the Farquest on your side, you can watch your competitors make excuses. Make their first cup of their day be the one they remember all day. We killed the drip... Bean to cup in seconds.

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